How to Write an Argumentative Essay Topics

Best Ways To Write An Argumentative Essay Topics?

Typically, an argumentative essay is described as an academic writing task where the student-writers bring both sides of a topic to the table. If you want to be an unbiased writer, present factual details about both sides of the selected argumentative essay topic. However, you can present those sides equally or choose one and present it more forcefully than the other.

The core idea is of creating argumentative essay assignments generally calls for extensive research of literature or previously published material. The topic should be such that it will open up ways to conduct empirical research where the students can collect data through interviews, surveys, observations, or experiments. The detailed analysis allows the student to learn about the topic and understand different points of view associated with the topic to support it with the evidence collected via research. Regardless of the research type involved, argumentative essays must establish a clear thesis and follow sound reasoning.

Key features of choosing an impactful argumentative essay topic

Your argumentative essay topics will look impeccably convincing if you could take account of the following elements in the piece-

  • A clear thesis statement
  • Body paragraphs that include factual, statistical, and logical evidence
  • Uninterrupted transitions between paragraphs
  • A conclusion that connects the thesis and the provided evidences

Classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin are the three variants of an argumentative essay. However, irrespective of the type, the topic selection method and the key features that will be there in a topic remains the same, state the writing masters associated with the online essay help services. While sometimes your professor will share easy argumentative essay topics, at other times, they want the students to take care of the topics.

If you are part of the second group, here's what you should keep in mind while explicitly hunting for the best argumentative essay topics required for your essay.-

  • Employ your critical thinking skills
  • Teachers often ask students to find a topic on their own to understand areas they are interested in. Find an interesting and good argument topic and arguments to express your opinion, and the counter opinions present clearly.
  • Think of who are the potential reader of your essay, suggest the experts at the online essay help services. Try and predict their opinion on the issue you want to discuss. Consider if the piece would be interesting to the readers.
  • Pick argument essay topics that you have some knowledge of and clearly express your opinion.
  • Choose a topic that is controversial or that others might have chosen to avoid. It will make your topic stand out from other traditional ideas.
  • You can also think of a problem as a topic for an argumentative essay that you found prohibited to talk about with others.

Tips for choosing an impactful argumentative essay topic

Winning argumentative essay topics for college takes time to get found. However, with the tips below, we believe that you will be able to find an impressive topic and score the coveted ranks upon submission. Read to know more-

  • Relevant and real time

There is hardly any point in arguing about factors no longer relevant to the current state of affairs. Your chosen argumentative essay topic will become compelling when they are relatable and relevant to current events. Current affairs, economy, finance, education, health, or students' range of topics are unlimited. Only make sure to choose a topic supported with recent and relevant arguments.

  • Manageable

Are you too happy to find an interesting and relevant topic at the same time? Hold on! Don’t start writing about the topic right away. Narrow down the topic to meet your university rubric and designated word count. A concise topic will help manage the topic better while supporting quality argument development.

  • Debatable

Presenting both sides of the argument of a topic is the factor that makes an argumentative essay exclusive. When you are to select a topic, make sure it is debatable enough. Find equal numbers of supporting and opposing arguments so that the essay does not look biased. Phrase your controversial essay topics in such a way so that it shows there is an argument to make.

Topic suggestion

Thus, when it comes to choosing a good argumentative essay, you can express sincere passion. This makes your argument more compelling and exciting. If you still cannot choose and enough convincing topic, here are some ideas shared for your discretion.

Film and Entertainment

  • Mulanby Disney: Is Liu Yifei the right choice over other contemporary actors?
  • Has shopping replaced as a form of entertainment?
  • What are your thoughts about entertainment for children should also carry an educational value?
  • OTT platforms are the future, and the future is here
  • Parents should control their kids' entertainment options on the Internet.

Economy and Finance

  • The impact of implementing accounting tools if reducing cost is the target
  • Why should the restaurant and hotel industry be concerned about word of mouth?
  • Hiring babysitters for childcare inside the workplace is a valid HR move.
  • On-job training is essential and significant for every employee.
  • Social media has been a bad mouth about nepotism in businesses across the industry.


  • Going paperless to change the environment
  • Homeowners should receive grants for installing solar panels.
  • The necessity of Government acts for encouraging non-renewable energy sources.
  • Causes and results of global warming, and impact on climate change
  • Consumer waste recycling and its significant positive effect on the environment


  • Impact of feminism on society
  • The role of gender in military and other security forces careers
  • The importance of treating all religions equally.
  • Male workers should receive paternity leave.
  • Social media has successfully impacted real-life communication.


  • E-learning initiating differences in social classes.
  • Listening to music relieves stress among pupils and increases their learning capacity.
  • Uniform brings a sense of unity among pupils.
  • Parenting classes are significant than ever thought of.
  • Foreign language learning should be made compulsory in primary sections.

These are some interesting argumentative essay topic ideas shared above. Did you find any interesting topic to write on in the list above? Jump in to write on it right away.

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