Exemplification Essay Writing

A Beginner’s Guide To Exemplification Essay Writing

Do you know that there are more than 20 different essay types in practice? If you are a student, you are more likely to encounter at least a dozen of them during your academic years. Even though a majority of them follow the five-paragraph structure, their characteristics can be a lot different. Take exemplification essay for an example.

Now, a lot of students haven’t even heard about exemplification essays. If you also don’t know what is an exemplification essay, this blog will be useful for you. An exemplification essay is quite similar to an argumentative essay. It uses examples to prove a certain idea or point. In simpler words, it is an argumentative essay with more details and a bit more persuasion.

How to Develop an Exemplification Essay Outline?

Before you start writing an exemplification essay, you need to prepare an outline for the content. The basic structure of the essay may look similar to that of a five-paragraph essay. However, that does not mean you can skip it. The outline allows you to organize your thoughts in a streamlined manner. Ideally, your exemplification essay outline should look like this:

  • Introduction:

Just write one sentence that briefly describes the chosen topic and add another sentence to highlight the thesis statement.

  • Body paragraph 1:

Write down how you want to present the first example and then list the facts you want to provide with it.

  • Body paragraph 2:

Write down how you want to present the second example and then list the facts you want to provide with it.

  • Body paragraph 3:

Write down how you want to present the third example and then list the facts you want to provide with it.

  • Conclusion:

State the thesis statement and sum up the entire discussion. Also, note that you need to express your final argument and prove the claims that you made with the thesis statement.

You can prepare your essay outline in a similar way. Once you have the outline, you can gather the necessary data to prepare an insightful exemplification essay.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay?

Having the outline makes essay writing a lot easier for a student. However, if you want to do it in the right way, you need to know every step that is required to produce an impressive exemplification essay.

  1. Choose a Topic:

If you are given the liberty to choose a topic on your own, you need to ensure you pick the right topic. You should spend some time, brainstorming for good topics for exemplification essays. If you have a few topics in mind, make sure you choose the topic that is familiar to you, has enough research materials available on it and is relevant to the curriculum you are in.

  1. Prepare the thesis statement:

Once you have selected a topic, start working on the thesis statement. As you may already know, the thesis statement is a single sentence that describes the main purpose of the essay. You need to study the topic and decide how you want to proceed with your research. This will help you come up with a decent thesis statement for the essay.

  1. Conduct research on the topic:

In this step, you need to research and gather relevant information about the topic. You will have to collect authentic information, facts and examples that you can present in the essay to support your arguments. You can use digital sources for research. However, you need to verify the authenticity of the information before you use it in your content.

  1. Prepare the outline:

As discussed before, you need to make sure the outline is drafted properly as it helps structure the entire essay content. If you have some doubts about your essay, you can show the basic outline of the essay to your professor and ask for his/her feedback. If he/she has something to add, consider his/her suggestion and redo the outline.

  1. Draft the content:

You should draft the essay in compliance with the outline. However, you should follow some measures while drafting to improve the overall quality of the essay:

  1. Write shorter sentences to improve the readability of the essay.
  2. Do not discuss multiple points in the same paragraph. Use each paragraph to discuss the individual point.
  • Avoid using passive voice while writing this type of essay.
  1. Use bullet points in the content (if possible).
  2. Proofread and edit:

Lastly, proofread the content thoroughly and identify the errors in the content. While it is important to spot and edit the spelling and grammatical mistakes, you should also look for the areas in the content that could have been presented better. Run several revisions and ensure the research paper is error-free at the time of submission.

If you can follow these steps, you will be able to prepare good exemplification essay on your own.

Good Exemplification Essay Topics for College Students

In case you are not sure which topics are ideal for exemplification essays, we have assembled some exemplification essay ideas that you can consider.

  • Should the entire voting be done online?
  • Can capitalism and socialism coexist in today’s society?
  • Should healthcare be made free for all citizens?
  • Do smartphones spoil people’s livelihood?
  • Is online education better than traditional classroom education?
  • Gun regulations need to be stricter
  • Will artificial intelligence take over the world one day?
  • Is capital punishment necessary in today’s date?
  • The role of symbolism in poetry
  • How important is it to have a college degree?

You can use these topic ideas as references and select your own topic for the exemplification essay help, or you can simply choose one from this list. However, if you still find it difficult to work on such essays, you can have a look at the free exemplification essay samples available online.

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