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Best Ways To Cite A Blog In MLA, APA, & Chicago Style

Over the years, as you continued to solve the various types of academic assignments, referencing has been a constant concern and that one area that needs continuous up-gradation. There are multiple types of referencing sources required to establish the writer's point of view. Blog posts, Facebook and Instagram posts, press releases, interviews, Wikipedia articles, and artwork are the secondary sources of references. Simultaneously, books, academic journals and bibliographic publications are the primary sources of references used to cite scholarly works developed by the students.

Of all those, in this write-up today, we will de-code how to cite the blog posts, how to get essay help and how to create a reference list when you have an assignment that has blogs are the primary citation sources. So here’s how to cite a blog in different citation styles-

Citing a blog in MLA style

Wondering how to reference a blog in MLA style? If you have an assignment with information retrieved from published blog posts, always go by the MLA style 8th edition rules.

  • While pasting the URL for the blog post in the MLA style, copy URL in full from, accessed from the browser. There is no need to keep HTTP:// or HTTPS:// in the list of URLs.
  • The titles of the blog post will be italicized when independently being showcased in the assignment. When the label is large, and you have to cite only a part of it, add quotation marks and do not italicize.
  • While citing the author/s name, give the last name and name presented in the source (e. g. William, Zoë). For two authors, write only the first name, followed by 'and' and the second name in standard order (e. g. William, Zoë, and Cecil). For three or more authors, write the first name followed by et al. (e. g. William, Zoë, et al.)
  • In MLA citation for a blog, every user should keep the titles italicized and followed by a comma.
  • A typical example of citing blog in the MLA style will be like- Author(s) name. Title of the post. Title of the blog. Date of posting. URL.

Citing a blog in APA style

The most recent and updated citation method of APA style allows citing a blog in the academic work in the following manner-

  • Stop wondering how to cite a blog in APA. the typical blog post-citation in APA style is structured as Author, Year, Month, Date of the post, the title of the blog post, Blog Name, and URL.
  • How do you cite a blog in APA thathas no date? If the source has no date of publication, the writer has to mention the citation saying n.d., which refers to no date, is substituted in a year. Example: The Institute of Oxford. (n.d.). Statement by students and faculties. Retrieved from In-text: (The Institute of Oxford, n.d.)
  • An APA citation blog post with author and date in place will have In-text: (Author, year), and in the citation list: Author,(date). Title of document [Format description]. Retrieved from (https://URL).

Citing a blog in Chicago style

Now that we have some insight about how to cite a blog post in APA let’s move on to understand the methods used for citing blog in the Chicago style. Here you go-

  • When you have the blog post publication date, author, and website destination in hand, include the author, title of the entry in quotation marks, title of the blog and URL without fail. Include the date if possible.
  • The blog title should be italicized and entries to be put under quotation marks in the Chicago style of referencing.
  • A typical example of a Chicago style blog citation seems like this. Format: Last name, First name of the author, Blog Post Title, Website Name, Date posted. Accessed Month/day/year, and the URL. Example: Elizah, Roehampton, and Emma Swatting. Learning Nursing Ethics (blog). July 21, 2020. Accessed October 12, 2020.

APA blog citation is not tricky if you mastered the fundamentals. In this write-up here, we have shared the typical citation techniques of some of the most preferred citation style for the students.

Afraid of the citation methods, most students rush to the online assignment help services. While these platforms bring on the best in academic scores by wiping impending issues, students must learn the fundamentals to keep the boat sailing.

Therefore, the write-up is an excellent way to quickly take a glance to know how MLA, Chicago and APA citation blog post process works. Whenever you are in trouble citing the blog that is overloaded with information, this guide will come the handiest.   

So the next time you are stuck with citation issues, seek an online paper to help state your problems or check the guide above. Good luck!

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