How to Write a Book Report

How To Write A Book Report - 9 Steps To Present A Book Report

Stacy Adams was in high school when her teacher asked her to prepare a book report on The Great Gatsby. As per the teacher's instructions, she wrote the book report, but later she saw that she'd only received an average grade when she thought she'd receive more. That's when her teacher advised her to work on her book report template.

Like Stacy, if you haven't managed to score more than average grades on book reports, then it's time to brush up on your book report writing skills. With that thought, presented below is a description of how to write perfect book reports by following the proper book report templates.

How to write a book report for all level students:

Step 1: Read the entire book

This step is mandatory even before you plunge into writing a report as per a book report template. Read the book thoroughly. This will help you remember the information like plot points or characters from the book.

Read at stretches with few breaks in between to keep yourself focused. If you get distracted, keep at least 15-minutes' intervals. If you can go more than an hour, that will help you complete reading the part in a lot less time.

Step 2: Create an outline

You should list out how your research paper needs to be organized. Write down brief details about the book on which you prepare the report. Keep the outline flexible. You may have to modify the outline a bit when you actually write the report. While writing the report, you may realize that there are inconsistencies in your details.

When you're done creating the structure, go through it once to understand if it makes sense. If the sentences or sections don't flow naturally into one another, tweak them around or add/delete new ones until everything comes together. Also, make sure your structure touches upon all the major elements of the book, like the characters, plot, and setting.

Step 3: Open with a solid introductory paragraph

In the first paragraph of your book report, you should incorporate the name of the author and the book title. You should also start with a line that will instantly draw the readers in, like an interesting quote from the book. Also, it's wise to add a general, one-sentence summary of the entire text in the last line of your introductory section.

Don't devote too much space to the introduction. Typically, the introduction of your book report should be 4-6 sentences long, though you can take the liberty to keep it shorter or longer. You can clarify with your professors in case you have confusion about the length of your introduction.

Step 4: Explain the book's setting

This is an excellent way, to begin with the main sections of your paper, as it'll set the tone for everything you'll explain in your report. Make sure you focus on the location described in the book so that your professors will know exactly what you are referring to.

If the story unfolds on a farm, you must mention it. If the setting is futuristic or imaginary, explain that as well. While describing the setting, use vivid language with plenty of details. For instance, you might write, "The village was surrounded by dense forest."

Step 5: Present a clear plot summary

This is the part where you highlight exactly what happens in the book. Your plot summary should reveal any major event that occurs in the book and how the event influences the characters. This section of the report should come across as similar to an outline of the book itself.

When you are working on the plot summary, you don't want to simply relay the story. You also need to state what your opinion is of the story and why you feel the plot is so far-fetched or compelling.

For instance, if the main character moves to Mexico, you may explain what happens before they move and how they settle in once they arrive.

Step 6: Introduce any main characters

As you describe the characters in your book report, you must introduce who they are and why they are crucial to the story. You can introduce in the same and paragraphs as the plot introduction.  Or, you can also dedicate a whole section of your book report to discussing the important characters with details on everything from what they look like to their significance.

For instance, you may state that the main character of the book is "a teenage girl from a humble beginning, with a passion for being successful in life." Then, you can associate it with your plot summary by explaining how her life changes after her series of events.

Step 7: Analyze the themes in the main paragraphs

Find the 'big ideas' as you're reading. In a work of fiction, pay close attention to the character's actions and how they maintain certain patterns (if they do).

Try bringing some of your thoughts and feelings as a reader into the report as a way to show the power of a theme. However, before you discuss your own thoughts, you should present what the theme is and how it appears in the book.

Use multiple quotations and examples from the book to prove that the theme is vital to the story.

Step 8: writing style and tone

Check all the sections of the book report you've worked on so far once again and look closely at the writing elements, such as word choice and style. Consider if the book was written in a formal tone or more informally. See if the author seems to favor certain arguments and ideas over others.

For instance, an author who adopts an informal tone is probably going for a more relaxed, approachable writing style.

Step 9: Present the conclusion perfectly

The concluding part of your book report is where you bring everything together. Include several sentences summing up the entire book. You can also make a statement about whether you'd suggest the book to other readers and its reason.

Some teachers require, or strongly recommend, that you add the author's name and title in your concluding paragraph. Make sure you don't include new thoughts in this final paragraph.

Parting thoughts,

Preparing an excellent book report won't be too complicated when you follow these steps. Remember these ideas the next time you're asked to prepare your book reports.

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