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50+ Unique Persuasive Speech Topics - Lucid Guide With Examples

Drafting the perfectly flawless persuasive essay is certainly no child’s play. It comes with a lot of criticalities and academic setbacks. Most importantly, the task of developing ideal persuasive speech topics is apparently one of the most challenging aspects of the entire scenario. Unless you are successful in developing compelling essay prompts or taking a persuasively effective stance, you will not be able to support your claims and persuade your readers at the end of the paper.

Now that you are trying really hard to develop topics for persuasive speech, invest some time in reading this blog. It shall guide you through the nitty-gritty of persuasive papers, with 70+ unique topic examples for you to refer to.

Happy reading!

The Art of Developing Persuasive Speech Topics

The word “Persuasion” refers to the act of compelling someone to walk into your shoes and perceive things from your point of view. Now, this could be a tough job, if especially, the topic or the context of the discussion isn’t strong enough to go about. Unless you come up with a persuasive speech topic which is actually worth digging, your target audience wouldn’t develop an interest towards reading through the entire piece.

Such criticalities make it all the more essential for you to pay heed to the aspect of developing the right persuasive speech topics and initiate the task of final draft accordingly.

Here are some recommended guidelines for developing good persuasive speech topics for your next semester.

  • Develop a position or stance that is concise, strong and straightforward.
  • Know your subject thoroughly and analyse whether the crux of the matter could possibly serve the purpose of persuasion.
  • Refrain from picking overly controversial or sensitive issues top talk about.
  • Be specific with your thought process and the point you would wish to highlight in your essay topic.
  • Always make it a point to choose the topic that is original and interesting from every single aspect.
  • While evaluating a particular persuasive speech topic, analyse what additional knowledge or rational information, you have acquired that most readers are yet not familiar with.
  • Also, it is equally important to ask yourself whether you have strongly held ideas or beliefs to talk about.
  • If yes, then how confident are you in the matter of putting across a point or establishing a strong tone of arguments?
  • Do not come up with anything vague. For example, the topic “Racism” can appear to be vague if you are targeting the global audience.
  • Wondering why? That’s because the status of racist attacks or racism scenario in the United States could any day be different than that of the United Kingdom.

50+ Unique Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

If you are still not clear of the concept or finding it tricky to approach or develop persuasive speech topics for college semesters, then take a look here. Here is an exclusive list of more than 70 good persuasive speech topics. You can refer to these prompts any time and develop the right analytical avenue in an endeavour to add perfection to the paper, at the end of the day.

Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College

  • Should health insurance cover art and music therapy?
  • Should all national museums be made free for global citizens?
  • Are we almost close to experiencing alien invasions?
  • Should offensive or colloquially degrading languages be removed or banned completely from the modern-day literature?
  • Should bicycle riders be required to carry road licence in some countries around the world?
  • Should we accept or approve of criminal torture if it is done for the purpose of ensuring national security?
  • Can we reduce the odds of poverty by regulating proper housing finances?
  • Should schools teach students how to swim and box?
  • Do violent movies make young people more violent?
  • Is it wrong for the media to circulate outdated news for more than a period of one month?

Unique Persuasive speech topics for college

  • Should we consider weekend retreats as one of the most therapeutic activities?
  • There is a parallel universe, more interesting that Earth – How far would you agree to it?
  • Should recycling be mandatory henceforth? Place your opinions and persuade your readers with the same.
  • Parental pressure brings devastating impacts on athletes – How far would you agree with the notion?
  • Is technology really connecting people or simply isolating them from each other?
  • Should the use of mobile phones in a public place be banned, once and for all?
  • Is there a possibility of planetary disarmament in the near future?
  • Should students learn new instruments in school or in college?
  • Can we completely rely on the proficiency of online teaching?
  • Should girls and boys in school be taught in separate classrooms?

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics for College

  • The impact of globalisation hasn’t been promising for small businesses? Would you agree to the notion?
  • Should celebrities face stiffer penalties for breaking the law?
  • Should a female athlete be paid the same amount as compared to that of her male counterpart?
  • Is Bitcoin a legal currency? Should consider it a currency at all?
  • Will technology reduce the risk of data breaches or will it simply increase the risk of it?
  • Should parents be allowed to determine the sex of their children before birth?
  • Should the government lift capital punishment completely?
  • Are we exposed to data threats? Do we have a choice in this matter?
  • Does consuming meat affect our health in a negative way?
  • Is dieting apparently a reliable way to lose weight?

Engaging Topics for a Persuasive Speech

  • Should drug addicts be sent to rehabs for treatment or should they be treated at home?
  • Should the government completely ban the sale of plastic bags? What could be the possible reasons behind the ban?
  • Should there be stricter penalties for doping charges in professional sports?
  • Why do some people consider wrestling as a sport? Is it really a sport?
  • At what age should children be using mobile phones?
  • Is the idea of peace on earth somewhat vague and irrelevant?
  • Should advertising be primarily aimed at the young age audience?
  • What are the critical differences between cults and religions?
  • Should we sell genetically modified foods in the supermarket?
  • Should the government foster the availability of free Wi-Fi in public places?

Funny persuasive speech topics for college

  • Which came first? Chicken or egg?
  • Do vegetables have feelings?
  • Who had ever let the dog out?
  • Is camping fun or not so fun for the youngsters?
  • We can lie, but our eyes can’t – Is the notion true?
  • How to win an argument? Do we really need to argue in the first place?
  • How can we save iPhones from falling on floors?
  • How can people stop bragging about hitting the gym every day?
  • Why read the entire book when you can simply watch the movie?
  • Where did the word “cool” come from?
  • Is there a real-life Cinderella around us? Do you agree to this statement?

Public speaking persuasive speech topics for college

  • The world has indirectly surrendered to the clutches of fascism? Is it true?
  • Did we all have a life before the internet? How have things changed over time?
  • Girls under 16 should not be allowed to wear makeup? Why such stringencies and taboos?
  • Is there a bigger revolution on our way? Are we really prepared for the same?
  • The world economy is at stake? Is it true, or is there another way around?
  • How not to lose confidence even if the world tries to pull you down?
  • What is it with the obsession for captivating animals at home?
  • The world needs better political leaders – Would you agree to this?
  • We should always keep personal things to our own selves – Try persuading readers to relate to this notion
  • What form of motivation should actually be fruitful for an amateur athlete

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