Writing Research Paper Conclusion

Writing Research Paper Conclusion - 4 Simple Steps

A research paper conclusion is your chance to reaffirm where you have taken your readers through your writing. You may have tried to get some data across or prove a theory in the research paper. No matter what the context of your paper is, the conclusion should make that clear to the readers once and for all. The last paragraph of a research paper is an opportunity for you to leave a strong, last impression on your readers or rather professors. In other words, the conclusion of a research paper determines the overall quality of your paper. Before learning how to write a compelling conclusion, you must understand why it is important to get this section right.

Why Is The Conclusion Of A Research Paper Important?

Students often tend to put all their energy and effort in writing the introduction and the body of the research paper without concentrating on the research paper conclusion. Some of you may even opt for online assignment or essay help to include an appropriate conclusion in research papers. Here are the three main functions of writing a conclusion for a research paper.

  • The primary motive of aresearch paper conclusion is to revisit the claims that you made throughout the body of your research paper. It may feel repetitive to some. But, conclusions help your readers remember the research paper as a whole.
  • Secondly, conclusions let you relate the claims back to your thesis statements that you had mentioned in the introduction. This reminds your readers of the importance of your claims.
  • Finally, the conclusion conveys a sense of engagement with your topic in the broader aspects beyond the mere arguments and claims. Thus, your readers will understand that you have thought comprehensively about the consequences or contribution of your work.

Now that you know the conclusion, let's find out how to get this section right. Next time when you write a research paper, do not avoid the conclusion. Remember, it is as important as the other sections in your paper.

How To Write A Good Conclusion For A Research Paper?

If the introduction is the first thing your readers will see then the conclusion is the last thing they will see while going through your research paper. And last things stick in their minds for a longer time. You may not want your readers to remember everything about the research paper. So, the conclusion is where you need to include only the most significant details related to your topic. Here’s how to make a good conclusion for a research paper:

  1. Reiterate your thesis statement

Reiterating doesn’t mean you can copy and paste the thesis statement from your introduction in conclusion. It means that you have to remind your readers of what you have talked about in the research paper.

Here’s how to restate the thesis statement:

  • Revise your original thesis that you included in the introduction.
  • Write the fresh thesis statement in new words in the conclusion. The thesis statement in both sections shouldn't be more than 1-2 lines.
  • Remind your readers of your research paper’s main argument or claim that governed the rest of your work.

Research paper conclusion example:

Let’s assume the topic for your research paper is ‘Effects of water pollution.’ So, the new thesis statement, in conclusion, would look something like this:

The entire world needs clean water for a sustainable ecological balance and protecting every individual’s health.

  1. Summarise your important findings, again

Reminding the reader of your main claim is not enough for writing a solid conclusion in a research paper. Sometimes, you need to review what you want to prove, how you did so and why do you think your method was effective. Here’s what you should remember while summing up the main points in the conclusion.

  • Pick only the most relevant facts and essential arguments.
  • Do not include any new information, no matter how tempting that is.
  • You can also mention the research methodologies that led you to the outcome.
  • Review all the arguments that contribute to the importance of your research paper.

Research paper conclusion example

More and more pollutants have begun entering our freshwater supplies as the frequency of sugar farming has increased with time. The increase in pollution has also led to massive destructions in marine life. Fishes are dying and new respiratory illnesses crop up every alternate day due to the pollution, thereby leading to the shortage of clean drinking water.

  1. Discuss the overall impacts

Let’s say your professors do not want to read the entire research paper. Don’t frown, that happens at times and that is when professors rely only on the conclusion to determine the overall quality of your research paper. Thus, make sure the impact or contribution of your topic is clear to your readers in this section. Here’s how to discuss the impacts of your topic in a few words in the conclusion.

  • Discuss the significance of each argument in conclusion.
  • Show how the arguments led to a specific outcome related to your topic.
  • Present certain results or findings that can add emphasis to the significance of your topic.

Research paper conclusion example

The future isn’t as dark as you may think it to be. Ecologists and marine biologists have started conducting thorough researches to measure the quality of water and to fight the pollution run-off from a wide variety of commercial farms. According to the EPA, scientists will be able to find a way to reduce the pollutant concentration in freshwater systems anytime soon.

  1. Pour out your own thoughts

Finally, it’s time for you to pour out your own thoughts to make the work seem authentic. Your thoughts also indicate that you have worked hard and researched well for this research paper. Here’s how to write your personal thoughts in conclusion:

  • Write a thought-provoking idea that gets your reader thinking further about your claims.
  • Address unanswered questions in this section.
  • Make sure your thoughts contribute to your research findings.

Research paper conclusion example

Our freshwater and drinking water supplies will certainly diminish if we don’t fight the water pollutants right now. There’s still time for us to purify the water available on Earth and we need lots of researches to maintain our clean water all over the world.

Wrapping Up,

The conclusion format can differ based on the trends in various disciplines and your university guidelines. But, the tips mentioned above will work for all types of topics and disciplines. Your conclusion should consist of only the most important information in your research paper. Review the rest of your paper carefully and pick the details that truly matter to your topic.

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