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If penmanship isn’t one of your virtues, then writing essays can be anything but easy for you. However, considering that essays carry a lot of marks, it becomes imperative that you learn how to pen down the perfect piece. To help you in your pursuit, we have arrived with the best essay writing service.

If you do not know the essentials of an essay – structure, parts and types – our expert writers are here to offer you the much-needed essay help. Our experts have the right tricks up their sleeves, and they are ready to open the treasure trove for you. Read on to know more about it.

The Ingredients in an Essay that Helps it Stand Out

Do you know why most students seek college essay writing service from us? It is because they don’t know what an essay is and what does it comprise.

An essay is a written piece that offers a blend of information, coherence and creativity. Every essay must be focused on a central theme, and the paragraphs in it should expound this main idea with descriptions and examples. The piece you write should be a concoction of the right ideas that have been expressed using appropriate words. If you want to write the perfect essay, you must also ensure that your writing is grammatically and syntactically correct.  

To make things easier for you, the experts who offer the best essay writing services have put together a guide for you. Here you go!

What are the Various Parts of an Essay?

Learn it from the Best Essay Writing Service

Typically, essays are written as per the five-paragraph rule. The format is – an introduction, 3 (or more) body paragraphs and the conclusion. Learn what goes where from us, the best college essay writing service.

  • The Introduction

You should start the essay by briefly talking about the topic you are addressing, along with the objectives. The introduction should also have a clear and concise thesis statement that presents your argument. Before you move on to the body paragraphs, write a transitional sentence to end this segment in the essay to help maintain the logical flow.

  • The 1st Body Paragraph

This part of the essay should present the most persuasive argument to justify your thesis statement. It should provide specific examples to prove the point of your argument. Again, like the last transitional sentence in the introduction, you will have to end this paragraph with a transition that leads into the next argument in the following paragraph.

  • The 2ndBody Paragraph

This paragraph must be written around the second most compelling argument to support your thesis. Again, you must use examples (preferable different kind than mentioned in the first body paragraph) to support the argument. To tie this segment with its following part, end it with a transitional sentence.

  • The 3rdBody Paragraph

The final body paragraph generally presents the weakest argument. But that does not mean you can put it together hurriedly. Again, there is no need of overcompensating by providing too many examples. Stick to the structure used in the previous body paragraphs and it with a concluding statement that brings down the curtains on the arguments.

  • The Conclusion

In conclusion, you will have to restate the thesis statement by establishing the same idea in a different manner. You must also summarize the three major arguments addressed in each body paragraph. For the final sentence, you can end the piece with rhetoric that compels the reader to ponder on the topic.

The perfect essay takes more than just ensuring that you have covered each part of the essay. What matters is how you structure it. In what follows, the experts from our essay writing service will tell you how to structure an essay to help you meet all requirements.  

How to Structure an Essay?

Here is a step-by-step guide that our writers follow when you seek our essay writing service. Follow the same steps to craft an engaging piece.

  1. Choose a good topic

Half the battle is won when you choose an impactful topic. If you have been given free rein to select the slant, narrow your focus and select a topic that you find interesting. Also, ensure that the issue has enough material available.

  1. Prepare an outline

To achieve foolproof coherence, you need to organize your thoughts by putting them on paper. Create an outline and draw lines to establish connections between your ideas. Jot down the smaller ideas right below the central ideas to know what goes where.

  1. Write the introduction

As mentioned earlier, create a thesis statement that elaborates on the point of your essay. However, do not go overboard and ensure that the introduction does not give away too much. Ideally, it should be an attention grabber that starts with a surprising fact or numerical data.

  1. Pen down the body

For the body paragraphs, filter the mind-map you had created and choose the strongest ideas and dedicate a paragraph to each of them. For every central argument/idea, mention supporting ideas and give detailed examples to prove your point.

  1. Write the conclusion

To offer a final perspective on the essay topic, sum up the overall ideas. Remember that the conclusion should not be more than five sentences, and make each sentence count. Review the main points and leave with a hook.

  1. Add the finishing touches

The conclusion isn’t the end. One of the most important steps that the experts who offer college essay writing services do not miss is revising the essay. Give your essay one (or more) final read to eliminate the grammatical and spelling errors. Also, check the order of your body paragraphs and the formatting.

If you feel that the task of structuring is getting too hectic for you, you can always fall back on our college essay writing service. To save money, you can also opt for cheap essay writing help with only topic selection or proofreading service.

Major Types of Essays with Tips and Examples

While the structuring and segments of essays remain the same, the writing style will differ for the various types of essays. So, how to write each of these types? Learn it at Essayassignmenthelper.com from our essay experts who offer the best essay writing services.

There are 6 major types of essays. They are:

  1. Descriptive Essay

An excellent descriptive essay will go into painstaking details to paint a vivid picture of the writer to the reader. The description in the essay should help the reader visualize a place, an event or an entity accurately. You must use touch all the human senses using metaphors, similes and personifications to be evocative and plausible at the same time.

For example – The sunset set the clouds ablaze and painted the firmament the color of a crimson flame. The valedictorian rays of the sun falling on her hair made it look like a cascading downfall of liquid gold.

  1. Narrative essays

In this type of essay, you will have to narrate a real-life event in the first person. You will have to pay attention to details to produce a fascinating story that readers can relate to. Use short sentences and lucid language to make things easier to understand. Also, be careful about the chronology of unfolding events.

For example – When I visited London last autumn, the hustle and din of the city along with the royal history made for a great experience altogether. I decided to experience the chock full of literature that awaited my arrival in the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. As a student of literature, just stepping into the place where the Bard of Avon once breathed reality into his plays was a chilling moment – something that I can never put to words.

  1. Argumentative essays

While writing an argumentative essay, you must take a stand and address a side of a contentious issue, while covering counter arguments for the other side of the coin too. You need to uphold one side as stronger than the opposition without any bias whatsoever. Most importantly, each argument you present must be logical and backed by robust evidence.

Some sample slants for your argumentative essay are:

  • Is the use of technology forging distance between people?
  • Is technology making people dumber than smarter? 
  • Does social media contribute to depression and anxiety among young adults?
  • Should education be free for everyone?
  1. Expository Essay

In an expository essay, you will have to investigate an idea, evaluate relevant evidence, explain the idea, and offer an argument based on it clearly and concisely. Expository essays can be of several types, and the writing styles may differ for each. The most common types are:

  • Process essays (how to write an essay)
  • Comparison essays (bad and good aspects of homework)
  • Cause/effect essays (pollution in oceans)
  • Problem/solution essays (teaching self-defense to kids)
  1. Analytical Essay

You must offer a completely unbiased analysis of a topic, focusing on the context and scenario of the essay question. Conduct in-depth research and gather substantial general data to back up your arguments. Even when you are presenting a personal analysis, make sure it is backed with logic and evidence.

  1. Reflective Essay

In a reflective essay, you need to examine an experience that you have faced in your life. You can elaborate on how the event has changed you and how you have learnt and grown from the experience. When it comes to the format of a reflective essay, it may vary depending on the audience.

For example– When my mother breathed her last breath on the hospital bed, I could sense the world turning upside down even as my family and friends assured of better days. As days passed, I knew moping would not help me. So, I picked myself up and did what my mother had taught me all these years – prepared to face the world.

To write any of these essays, you must know how to research extensively from reliable sources. You must also build your essay around original creative thoughts. And even when you are using others’ ideas, do not forget to cite the sources. In the end, format your essay by picking the right font, spacing, and in-texting styles.

If you feel that it is too much to handle, you can fall back on the best essay writing service at Essayassignmenthelper.com for quality yet cheap essay writing help.

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