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Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is officially the biggest academic sin that a student can commit. It is also known to be a form of cheating. As an academic student, it is your responsibility to make sure your paper does not have any kind of plagiarism errors. 

And also it is ethically wrong when you are sharing someone else’s work without giving any credit to the original author. But many of times students makes these mistakes unintentionally, and their grades get affected. This is where plagiarism checker steps in with saving student’s grades from falling. Essayassignmenthelp.com has advanced plagiarism detection software that can scan any document to detect plagiarism errors. Technology nowadays has improved a lot and comes in different ways to provide better solution and fastest result. Our plagiarism tool is one of them which are loved by most of the US students.

Our plagiarism checker is Just a Click Away 

Stop living in the uncertainty of whether your essay or assignments have any traces of plagiarism. Students change the order of sentences or change one or two words, and think it is enough to not get their assignments non-plagiarized. But that is not always the case.

Our software engineers designed the best free plagiarism checker so that students do not have to live in the uncertainty anymore.

Our free plagiarism checker software offers the following features so that all your hard work does not go in waste:

  • AI and machine learning technology

Our online plagiarism checker has artificial intelligence which helps the tool with finding identical and even paraphrased content.

  • Supports multiple file formats

Our plagiarism checker software is designed to support all kind of file formats which makes it even more demanding. It can easily detect similarities in PDF, PPT, DOCX, doc and any other file formats you have.

  • Download and share reports

Yes, you have heard that right. You can easily download the plagiarism report and share it with whoever you want.

  • Compare with multiple documents

Our online plagiarism checker software will not keep any stone unturned. It is designed to create a 100% plagiarism-free document so it will go through even your earlier draft to compare if there is any similarity in your latest version.

  • Highlights the plagiarized texts

If any part of your content is plagiarized, it will highlight the portion in red color. It will be easier for you to find texts are plagiarized and which are original. The best part is you can also click on the highlighted text to see the original source of the text.

At present, our plagiarism checker software tops the rank in the Canada. They are turning out to be the most desirable essay checker software in the Canada.

How to Use Our Free Plagiarism Checker?

If you are wondering how to use our free plagiarism checker software, this section will definitely find this section to be useful. We wanted to make sure that even those who are tech-illiterate can easily use our tool. Here is a simple process of using our tool:

  • Upload your document

First, you need to log in our portal. In the “plagiarism checker” section, you need to copy and paste the text on the white space.

  • Click on the button

After downloading your text, click on the button which said “Check Plagiarism” button. Our online free plagiarism checker software will scan your document to check if your document has any traces of plagiarism.

  • Generate the report

In just a few minutes after scanning your document, the tool will generate an authentic result which you share with your professor or anyone you want.

As you can see our plagiarism checker software is absolutely easy to use. Students all over the US even nominated our tool to be the best free plagiarism software. Probably the best part is you do not need to think about your budget every time you need to use our software since we offer plagiarism checker for free.

Benefits of Our Advanced Plagiarism Checker

As per the academic guideline, every essay paper must be 100% original. Students who fail to respect this requirement have to go through serious consequences. Your paper must have 0% similarity to any other document. Even though you have no intention like that, you may end up missing a quote. So to make your job easier, our advanced plagiarism checker is designed to remove all plagiarism related issues once and for all.

Here are a few perks for using our essay plagiarism checker:

  • Easy to access

You can use our plagiarism detection software anywhere you are. All you just need to do is download the mobile Grammarly plagiarism checker app.

  • Shows the percentage

If you are in the lookout of free online plagiarism checker with percentage, our tool will be perfect for you. After scanning your document, our software will quickly show plagiarism percentage that exists in your document.

  • Accurate result

Our advanced plagiarism checker provides an accurate result. It does not leave a stone unturned before coming to a precision result.

  • Time saving

We know how students are running after deadlines with every research projects, assignments. This is why we concentrated on to build a plagiarism checker for students that generates the fastest result.

  • No number of words word limitation

When it comes down to our advanced plagiarism checker, you can scan any number of words.

If you are wondering how to beat plagiarism, our plagiarism checker tool is the best solution for it. Our software will cater to your specific academic needs and will ensure you are submitting a unique essay paper and provide best-in-class essay help service.